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Five Examples Of The Elite Mentality

Here are five people who we believe represent the Elite Mentality through their personality, values and actions throughout their lives, each in their own unique way.

Christian Guzman – 

For motivational and insightful gym content, Christian Guzman is somebody you will want to be familiar with if you are not already. His pathway from early YouTube star, to GymShark influencer and now a business entrepreneur is an inspirational one.

His vision, focus, dedication, graft and strategic planning are what has set him apart in his mentality from others. He is an intensely motivational character who displays an independence and selfishness to be successful and in doing so, helping others along the way to achieve their goals both in fitness and through life.

Guzman’s journey also highlights the difficulties in being able to prioritise business (or career) goals, before everything else and how relationships can suffer. He is a prime example of overcoming confidence issues to do what you want to do and not worrying about what others think or keeping everybody happy. 

christian guzman

Guzman began documenting results progress with a camera at 19 whilst at college. but things escalated rapidly and he managed to take advantage of being one of the early YouTube stars, generating more fruitful income and allowing him to have even greater freedom as a creative.

As his channel grew, collaborations in the ‘gym influencer’ community followed and he became affiliated with GymShark, becoming a key member of the family which had mutually beneficial effects.

With the exposure from this and the continued maximisation of his own channel’s content, people were addicted to his high energy and CG Fitness allowed himself to accomplish his dreams by the age of 21 as he built his own custom made gym for further content enhancement, personal sessions and a statement of his progress.

The attention he was receiving at fitness expo’s across the world was an eye opener as he began to see a physical impact of the content he was producing. 

Guzman’s entrepreneurship fire was truly ignited and the idea of himself providing an alternative to GymShark completely took over his life. Soon followed was the birth of AlphaleteAthletics, which to date is one of GymShark’s main competitors in an extremely saturated market. 

This highlights Guzman’s winning mindset – many people would have been more than satisfied being a sponsored GymShark athlete, but that is what separates the successful and the incredibly successful and Christian is definitely the latter.

alphalete athletics

Guzman’s mindset resonates through the entire Alphalete company, where one of his life phrases is embedded into each and every member of the workforce; ‘proud, but never satisfied’.

Despite so much going on, he is fully committed to his YouTube channel. It is most certainly worth following as he documents his journey through fitness and business in a series of vlogs, from daily diet plans, training sessions, meetings and personal thoughts. 

His business continues to expand on a major scale with an energy drink being the next product in the pipeline.

Up Guzman

Zlatan Ibrahimović – 

At the age of 35, most professional footballer’s ability is on the down slope as their body struggles to cope with the speed and demands of the modern game. 

Many are by then, forced to play in lower divisions, or a bit-part role at stronger clubs, winding down, looking for a final payday in The MLS or Chinese Super League.

However, for Zlatan Ibrahimović, he decided that it was time to embark on a new adventure and play in one of the most physically demanding leagues in world football – The English Premier League. Not only this but at one of the biggest teams in word sport, Manchester United – an intense and ridiculously high-pressure environment.


Inevitably, despite a wonderfully well-decorated career across multiple European leagues, Zlatan was doubted before he had even stepped foot onto the turf at Old Trafford.

Yet his season on a personal level was regarded as a massive success. Scoring the winner on his competitive debut in the Community Shield at Wembley, 17 Premier League goals, and a brace out of nothing to single-handedly deliver the League Cup trophy to Manchester United in the final against Southampton. 

So much so that an extra year contract extension is trying to be arranged by the club, (unfortunately an injury to his ACL late on in the season may change this).

His bordering on arrogant self-belief and brand ‘I AM ZLATAN’ has become iconic as have his responses to journalists throughout his career. They illustrate his mentality as the best and a winner.

And ultimately, he has backed it up on the pitch throughout his life with an insane collection of trophies (via Soccerway) –


13 League Titles in four countries. Sweden’s all-time top-goalscorer. The oldest player to reach 15 goals in a single Premier League season (2016–2017 season at 35 years and 125 days)

Zlatan is a machine and his mentality of focus, dedication and self-confidence has played a crucial role in his overall impact on the world of football which will go down in history.


Stormzy – 

Big Mike (Michael Omari) has burst onto the mainstream music scene in 2017 but his route and what he represents on an overall level is something which is to be heavily admired. 

He has taken the underground Grime scene to another level with no label, independently working to provide a platform for a whole generation and race. 

The man is so humble and genuinely just happy to be doing what he is doing, working logically, and naturally just bringing his positivity and good vibes. 

His Wickedskendman 4 became a ridiculous event from which he went on to take a freestyle to the top 20 of the UK music charts, before challenging for Christmas number one with the song ‘Shut up’ from the EP.


His impact has been absolutely mad and people everywhere are warming to his presence, as he keeps representing the Grime scene, formally associated with so much negativity. 

He has collaborated with the world’s biggest artists and he is mutually respected by the whole music scene. His genuine shock at being mentioned by musicians such as Adele is truly humbling –

adele sormzy

His NFTR (Not For The Radio) is an incredible listen to learn more about his journey and mindset. When Stormzy comes in on a beat or an interview, you listen. He has a powerful, engaging voice and a way with words which is meaningful and attentive. He mentions his respect for his girlfriend and their support of each other is admirable.  

maya jama

Stormzy is taking advantage of the platform which he has been blessed with to use it for beneficial purposes. Speaking up on particular issues which are often brushed away by society. Stormzy overcame depression to succeed and is very outspoken on mental health.

He is trying to use his influence positively, raising awareness of political injustice for people from his background:

“There are views I would have regardless if was a musician. If you have a platform and don’t say anything, why not? I have a responsibility to say what is right. “

Stormzy’s team around him is made up of his friends and he stresses this as he attempts to make the impossible seem achievable – “Just do it, like just focus and rise up, realise the potential. Within yourself, there is talent, a gift and purpose. Just do it. like why not, literally why not?”. 

Hard working, committed and focused. This took him from 0-100 in just four years, achieving things which are supposedly out of the ordinary for someone like himself. 

With a number one album in the UK, GSAP (Gun Signs and Prayers), an honest story of his journey, culture and messages he represents through music to becoming an artist, not just an MC – Stormzy is only going to spread a lot more positivity throughout his career and he should be respected for this as a genuine, likeable and successful young human being.

stormzy ed sheeran

Dwayne Johnson – 

Dwayne Johnson, maybe better-known as The Rock, or depending on your age, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet right now.

Whichever it might be, he is a figure who represents ultimate positivity and a mindset of aspiring to reach your goals. 

He recovered from a serious back injury, jeopardising his career as an American footballer to becoming ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment’. The guy which every child looked up to and wanted to replicate. But that wasn’t enough for him. 

the rock

His seamless transition into acting has been admirable and he is killing the entire scene, featuring in Blockbuster movies such as The Mommy, Fast And Furious and Baywatch. All the time inspiring others as a true gentleman and absolute winner of life. 

At the age of 45, there is even talk abut him moving into politics, such are his progressive thoughts and optimistic influence on people. 

‘I think that it’s a real possibility,’ – whether this is presented as tongue in cheek or there actually might be a lot more to come in this department, I don’t know. But what it does underline is what he has done as a human and the power he possesses. 

dwayne johnson

He is in huge demand right now and his drive and charisma are phenomenal, surviving at his tempo, with such little sleep. His personality is a caricature of his physique, bigger than life. And he is a perfect role model by displaying that anything is possible with your own two hands projecting a mentality to go and achieve your dreams.

He is one of the coolest and most likeable personalities and he is always dressed impeccably, he says the right thing, with a warming and commanding presence earning immediate respect when he arrives. Everybody wishes they could be like The Rock.

With accolades such as:

People Magazine – sexiest man alive,

Top 100 influential people in the world – Times Magazine 2016,

With 88 million Instagram followers,

…and a net worth of $190 million. It is fair to say that his dedication has most certainly paid off.

Gary Vaynerchuk – 

Gary Vaynerchuk is a business entrepreneur and speaker, who identified his natural hustling natures from a young age and knew he was different and ‘born to win’. 

From selling American Football playing cards to growing his family’s wine business into a global, digital powerhouse and then operating his own company, VeynerMedia – his personal brand is huge and his words of wisdom are in demand. 

He has invested in many revolutionary digital start-ups – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber – and is always looking to jump on the next extravaganza. 

gary Vayerchuk

But what is brilliant about GV is how he puts things simply yet effectively. His content makes you instantly motivated to do something productive by being brutally honest – and the truth can hurt.

He is no nonsense and has zero time for weak excuses. He is thankful for being here and is keen to make the most of the opportunities and to make you realise how good you have it and in this digital period what you can achieve so conveniently. 

People may not like his arrogance or hard-hitting truths, but at the same time, you can’t stop listening to them. “Stop moaning, we are all busy, all tired, all have things we could be doing.”

He makes it a clear a case of – can you sacrifice those small things which are easy to enjoy in your spare or do what you want to achieve something which you can do and be proud of for the rest of your life?

If no, then that’s you, and there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t then moan about not having your dream job or dream lifestyle if you aren’t prepared to put serious commitment and hard work in. 

GV takes things to the extreme in many cases and he wants his case study to be used to channel your own goals no matter how small or large they are. His energy is crazy and most people will not be able to replicate that. But his mindset and work rate is what you can aspire to match.

His content is motivational but also extraordinarily valuable in terms of marketing, business and sales output. He is logical and breaks things down to make you realise that this is your life and you don’t have to conform to other people’s, your families’ or society’s expectations.

For young people who are lost in their direction, this video gives a humorous, positive and real perspective on your situation and how you can approach your next few years, without anxiety. Patience, everybody’s time is different. 

Further to this, following his daily GaryVlog, via YouTube or Soundcloud, can add value to your projects. But as the man says himself, sometimes, stop watching and just start doing.

gary vee