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The Process

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The Benefits of Implementing a Process

The Process is a formula which can be applied to different goals.
The underlying framework of everything you want to achieve.

A fundamental component of The Elite Mentality.

Often we hear people say to ‘trust the process’, but without validating what that process is. It triggers a feeling of comfort, suggests patience but doesn’t actually provide any substance or a solution.

In order to trust the process – you must first have a process worth trusting.

Why Is The Process So Important?

A process is the specific details within each stage of a plan towards a goal.
It is the support structure when approaching a new challenge.

The what, the why and the how.

The long-term target,
The reason for doing it,
and the combination of short-term goals which create the pathway.

Usually we have a clear vision of What.
The long-term goal, the ‘appeal’ of achieving success.

But without having outlined and understood all elements of the process, it is easy to become lost or even confused when things are not going smoothly.

The Benefits Of Implementing A Process:

Understand Patience

The outline of your unique process will deliver perspective in terms of appreciating how long it takes for good things to develop. This prevents emotional decision-making and self-judgement. Intend to act fast, but apply patience by documenting a realistic time-frame.

Simplify The Route

Those who are unable to complete their goals will usually find it is because they have created unrealistic targets, too quickly. By breaking things down into manageable, achievable stages, it helps to control expectations and make progress without harsh disappointment.

Have More Motivation And Focus

Having identified a clear and purposeful motive for achieving your goal, we are able to operate with more intensity and endurance by ignoring distractions. It is the constant reminder. A fear of the alternative.

If you do not experience this feeling then there is a disproportionate balance between the Why and the What. It is the clearest way to expose priorities.

Pre-determine The Boundaries

The compound effect of successfully transitioning to each stage of your designed process gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is an endorphins release generating more belief through validation of the process.

Build Powerful Momentum

Unexpected issues are inevitable. When we understand and accept that we are going to suffer through new challenges, it helps to control our reaction to the situation. If we are able to anticipate problems then we can compress the struggle, remain composed and find solutions more easily.

The foundation of a process allows us to realign and quickly get back to the basic actions which contribute to the next part.

Fall In Love With The Process

It is important to remember that a process isn’t the answer.

Having a very clear plan does not guarantee a successful result or execution. But it will give a better chance to maximise potential. 

With discipline and genuine sacrifices allowing the work to be applied and finding the answer within each stage.

A process may also need to be adjusted if we realise aspects of it were incorrect or unnecessary. These are the lessons which give us experience.

It enables us to figure out our system, and fall in love with the process.
When we do this, the end result, ironically, is never as satisfying as the journey itself.

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