Why You Should Adopt A Side Hustle At University

"You May Never Have This Much Scope Of Creative Freedom Again In Your Life."

Going to University to study specific course which you have chosen and will hopefully go on to have a successful career in, is all good and well and it is the logical and idealistic pathway / thought process. 

But University is an amazing opportunity to experiment with a less conforming, more creative and obscure passion which you can have a platform to have fun with and potentially build something very special. 

It could literally be anything. A talent or interest you may have or wish to follow. University years are an amazing time to try, succeed and fail at different stuff because there is no pressure, no expectation and no baggage. 

Possible Side Hustles:

Blog / Vlog/ Publication - Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle
Music - Band /Singer/Musician/DJ/Production
Acting / Modelling career
Sporting / Fitness achievement
Business Venture
Technology / Application
Personal Brand

Time - 

Although your University course will take up the majority of your time, there are opportunities when you will have a lot more time spare than you realise.

You are not committed to a 9-5 working day, Monday-Friday which brings the preparation, fatigue and logistics of potentially difficult commuting as you would in a day job. University is a location of purpose-built practicality. Everything you need in close distance. 

Morning and afternoon lectures -

Though you will have full days in attendance, many lectures are morning or afternoon and you will have occasions where part of the day is your own.

Further to this, you may be fortunate enough to have a day of the week which is completely free, depending on your timetable.

Downtime -

There will be intensive periods at University where you do not get a minute to yourself through dedication to study and exam periods. But in between, there are stretches of downtime where you will find yourself with a lot of room to manoeuvre. 

Of course, the evening is your own, when you are not socialising, this is a major chance to do something you want to if you are motivated.

Summer - 

Summer's are substantially long when at University and it is easy to become extremely complacent and lazy during this stint. Boredom will creep in a few months down the line, so if you do not have a placement or work experience/summer job. why not use the months to be productive, and create a foundation of something big.

Flexibility - 

The flexibility of University is extremely useful if you are working on a side hustle which is beginning to gain traction or needing more attention. 

Though we would never recommend not attending lectures regularly, the fact is that the necessary information is accessible either through viewing online or relaying with a course-mate.

You can always email a tutor to inform them if you have something urgent arise with regards to your side hustle.

You do not want your side hustle to affect your University commitments, however, the point is that the flexibility of study, unless attendance is absolutely vital,  can be compensated for and made up at a convenient time. 

Creative Influences -

University is an insane hub of young people all on different pathways, who possess unique skills, interests and abilities. There is no end to the talent pool which you can source from and connect with.

Networking at University, socially and throughout societies and clubs, you can meet similarly minded people who are ambitious and eager to create something new. 

These people can either work with you, help you to achieve a short-term goal, or simply inspire you in some way.

If your Uni is open to a broad range of courses, you can find yourself interacting with students across all areas such as -

Computer software
Event planners
Sports etc

Most people will be willing to help out as a favour or for their own portfolios which they are building whilst at University. Or even bring them on board if they can help your output. 

Fun - 

Having a side hustle can above all else be very fun and an enjoyable getaway from the stress of your studies. 

If you are working on something you are truly passionate about and interested in, it can be immensely addictive, certainly if you find traction and engagement from what it is you are doing. 

The real working world can be a pretty grim place and this is a chance to escape from that trap.

Your side hustle may even run parallel with your chosen course and give you a major advantage and enhance your potential for when you graduate.

University Student Status -

You might be surprised at the leverage being a University student can give you. And you can use this as an advantage for your side hustle.

Making contact with people as a University student, for 'project and study purposes', is a good way to obtain access to places, events, or experiences which others might not be granted. 

Your email outreach request will gain a lot more consideration as they will be aware that you are out here trying to learn and develop as a young person. So try all sorts - you can only be told no.

You can also gain access to University facilities and equipment which might not be directly related to your area of study but is available on the campus. 

You are paying the fees so ensure that you get the most out of it, whether that is the use of a room/studio, laptop or video camera etc. 

Lecturers will also be happy to point you in the right direction through their experiences, contacts and knowledge of industries and the world. 

Team Ethic - 

If you can get the correct people involved and find the right balance, maybe with coursemates or housemates, you can find a synergy and create a wonderfully motivating environment where you are all in this together - a fun project in a comfortable surrounding with exciting potential. 

The beauty being that there is no pressure, deadline or risk and you can have patience in fine-tuning your idea.

You might be a student scraping by on a limited budget, but you do not even need money. 

What you have is the time, people, resources and creativity - all of the ingredients needed to build a successful side hustle.

Digital Opportunities - 

The fact that you can achieve so much through digital channels now means you do not even have to leave your room in order to start a venture. 

You can register a business, build an online profile, commerce store, publication, software or brand from your laptop or computer. 

You can market anything you want through video and social media channels and begin selling, showcasing or networking without boundaries of physical logistics. 

There Is No Risk -

You have no reason not to try something adventurous. If it goes wrong, you are there at University studying for your career and a degree which will be with you opening doors for the rest of your life. 

Once you leave University, the pressure starts mounting fairly quickly from friends and family as to what you are doing with your degree, where you are going and you're pushed into forcing your career to justify going to University, very quickly. 

If you were to come across a venture post-University, it can be harder to kickstart now you have new responsibilities and possible relationships, financial restrictions and time etc. 

If you start a side hustle at University and it doesn't quite take off, then it doesn't matter one bit. 

You are so young and fresh to the world that you can't go backwards and it can be an insane learning curve for you regardless.

I would rather know what ends up being the conclusion of my project, than five years later saying - what If I had started doing that back then....