The Elite Mentality: How to Complete your New Year's Resolutions

The New Year's resolution has become a massive cliché with everybody's intentions to subscribe to the 'New Year, New Me' motto.

However, for the majority of people, this turns out to be a front, which never develops into anything tangible or sustainable.


Don't be the person who sets out to do XYZ in 2019, only to have failed within week one or given up before you can say "Valentine's Day".

You will have already reverted to your previous habits and be waiting until December 2019 to psyche yourself into starting fresh next year - and so the cycle continues.

The point is to set a goal for a reason and to achieve it because of the value that it will bring to your life and overall happiness day-to-day. 

The psychological freshness of the new year is an amazing opportunity to genuinely make an impactful change for a positive output longer term.

Don't waste the chance to adopt a clean mindset to catalyse a permanent upwards change. 

Everyone sets out to be something better in the New Year and leave all negativity in the past. But the difference between the fraudulent motivational feeling you have leading up to New Year and the actual discipline as the year sets in is huge. 

This can apply to any New Year's resolution:

Weight loss🏊
Muscle growth 🏋
Improved fitness⚽️🏀🏈
Dietary change🍎🍐🍌
Giving something up 🍩🍺
Applying more time to something⌚️
Waking up earlier 😴
Learning a new skill 🎹                     
Sporting achievement🏆
Academic result/progress🎓
Building relationships💑
Changing bad habits🚬
Finding a new job🤝 
Career development👔
Starting a business✍️
Going travelling✈️
Buying a house🏠
Saving money💰

So how do you actually stay true to your plans, overcome the adverse temptations, and prevent yourself conveniently slipping back into your old, negative routine? 

Here are the hard-hitting truths of the Elite Mentality...

  • Make realistic, short-term targets

    First of all, it is important to stop making resolutions which are way too unrealistic within a short period of time.

    Genuine success and achievement require time and patience. So don't fool yourself into believing you will reach your end goal in 1-2 months. 

    If you start with that mentality then you will give up when it inevitably hasn't materialised and you will lose interest. 

    You have to learn to walk before you can run so it can be wise to break down your targets to establish something far more realistic for that time frame with achievable milestones building up to the overall goal.

    Consequently, you are more likely to hit each target you set and be motivated to continue through the year.

    Don't let the bigger picture get out of sight, you are doing this for the benefits to come further down the line, not next week! 

    • Understand why you want to achieve this particular goal

    Ultimately, everybody has their own agenda. Their own thought process, ideas, dreams and ambitions. One person's happiness is the polar opposite to that of another. 

    Therefore, discover what is your own source of happiness - family, career, money, attention, success, freedom, love or a particular interest.

    You are then able to reverse engineer the New Year's resolution using the true motive behind it.  

    You aren't trying to do this for anybody other than yourself, so simplifying the reasons will make the whole process become remarkably clearer.

    The reason you want it should be the constant reminder, not the actual result. That is what will inspire you to keep going.

    • Sacrifice the irrelevant bullsh*t

    If you find that you can't sacrifice something, then it must be important to you. And If these things are preventing your progress, then you have to accept that you never will - because you just don't want the alternative badly enough. 

    This is where you need to adjust your mental approach and create some logical perspective. And that is because we sometimes fail to realise how good we have it.

    We are all blessed to have everything which we do. And for that reason, we have a massive tendency toward complacency and failing to take things to the next level because we are so comfortable with what we have. 

    A continual failure to see out your resolution suggests that your life is suitable enough that you don't need to improve it, as subconsciously you are content with how things are.

    To put it simply, you can either choose to have the smaller and easier, but truthfully irrelevant pleasures over a long period of time, or sacrifice to an extent the meaningless ones for something a lot bigger and more worthwhile down the line.

    However, it is a matter of balance and ultimately all depends on what makes you happy. If what you have/where you are, keeps you satisfied, then that is absolutely fine.

    But if deep down you know that you aren't committing enough, then you simply can't moan or question when what you say you wanted, doesn't happen.

    • Do not let yourself make any excuse 

    Once you have created a mindset where you realise that any excuse is a failure, then you are pretty much unstoppable. 

    Everybody has problems, issues, restrictions etc - some self-inflicted, others not. Either way, you can only do your best with what you have.

    But the ceiling is far higher than you realise if you actually allow it to be and stop giving yourself a route out. 

    We live in a world where access to information and productive technology are beyond anything anyone has had in past generations. And they all managed to get sh*t done.

    If you keep managing to find an excuse, then you obviously don't need to achieve this goal as badly as you first thought - because if you do, then you will react positively to that excuse and you will eventually find a way around it.

    Decide what you want in 2019 (and beyond) ✅ 
    Establish what it takes ✅ 
    Weigh up the alternative ✅ 
    Realise you're above that ✅ 
    ....And execute your plan ✅