The Elite TV Series Guide to Binge Watch this Christmas

An addictive TV series has the ability to be extremely detrimental throughout the year. 
Episode after episode ticking away, decreasing your productivity which could be channelled into better things. 

netflix productivity

However, during downtime and especially over the relaxing Christmas period it can be beneficial to step away from your schedule and indulge in some highly entertaining TV series which are available to binge through - 

Check out this selection we recommend to prioritise if you get some time to kick back - 

  1. Peaky Blinders

    peaky blinders

    Influencing everybody right now with their cold style, undercut hairstyles and commitment to sharp suits - the Shelby family, post-World War One, Birmingham gangsters themed show is just a brilliant watch from an all-around perspective. 

    Following the journey of Tommy Shelby, an ambitious, no-nonsense businessman and gangster, how he manages his family values along with increasing the reputation of the Peaky Blinders across England and wider. 

    Tommy Shelby

    There is so much to enjoy, from the intense, cagey atmosphere of the Blinder's controlling presence across the City, immediately captured and set by the edgy music tone and the smoky Birmingham slum, factory and canal settings.

    With many absorbing characters, alternatively balanced personalities, and twisting story-lines, aligned with the consistency of impeccably smart dress sense.  All contributing to its adictive appeal. 

    Viewing time - 
    4 Seasons - 01 Day: 00 Hours: 00 Minutes

    Where to watch -
    Season 1-3: Netflix,
    Season 4: BBC Iplayer

  2. Power

    A more up to date, modern backdrop, but Power retains all of the drama and anticipation - focussed on James St Patrick, who goes by the alias of 'GHOST'.

    james st patrick

    A New York club owner/drug dealer who has to overcome challenges within both projects of expanding an affluent club venture with the end goal of laundering the substantial wealth earned through the drug industry.

    Meanwhile, domestic issues become prominent as St Patrick is caught in between two partners, his wife Tasha and old friend Angela Valdez - who inadvertently aims to take him down and expose his identity. 

    angela valdez tasha st patrick

    Produced by rapper 50 Cent, his recurring involvement brings new direction to the show as he takes a main role in season 3-4. 

    One of the highlights of the programme is the lively personality of Tommy Eagen whose energetic, chaotic and less structured lifestyle compliments St Patrick's shrewd decision-making for entertaining viewing.

    Viewing time - 
    4 Seasons:  01 Day, 14 Hours, and 00 Minutes 

    Where to watch -
    Seasons 1-4: Netflix

  3. Narcos

    A fascinating insight into the world of Pablo Escobar. The dramatised documentary is a wonderful series which opens your eyes to the power and logistics of the Colombian regime. 

    pablo escobar narcos

    Seasons One and Two follow the insane structure and process behind the lucrative, organised criminal industry. Highlighting the political and media corruptness, the coarse violence, ruthlessness, employee loyalty and detailed coordination of the influential Medellin Cartel.

    Narcos also offers an alternative viewpoint from The DEA (drug enforcement agency) and their approach. It showcases the restrictions, working with the complex Colombian system and the mass size of the project they faced in killing the influence of cocaine in the USA.

    Season Three then develops into life beyond the Escobar era and the next phase of development through the Cali cartel. 

    cali cartel narcos

    Viewing time -
    01 Day, 04 Hours, and 30 Minutes 
    Where to watch -
    Season 1-3: Netflix

  4. Prison Break

    Yes, we know it's not 2005 anymore - but if you missed the chance to get on the Prison Break hype then it is still well worth a watch. Even if it is just for the first season alone. 

    Prison break

    The following seasons have been labelled as repetitive and boring by some (as most series can become when demand is forced into creating them) but you may find yourself needing to watch it all as you fall in love with the many appealing characters and become addicted to see how the tense action and difficult situations unfold.

    The trust you build with the main character Michael Schofield and the admiration of his principles grow throughout the show. His intelligence, strategic movements and ability to remain calm under pressure are so good to watch. 

    Alongside the brutishness of his brother Lincoln, the man he set about to not only save but then clear his name of a crime he did not commit.

    Maybe you have seen the first 4 series, but have yet had the chance to watch the new fifth series. 

    Viewing time -
    02 days and 18 hours 

    Where to watch -
    Season 1-4: Netflix
    Series 5: Sky Store / Amazon Video

  5. Black Mirror

    If you haven't yet delved into Charlie Brooker's selection of Black Mirror episodes then you are missing out. 

    Take the holiday period to treat yourself to an epic insight to the future and a combination of sci-fi and technological predicaments. 

    From the strange to the ridiculous and probably back a few more times. The journey takes you across various realms and worlds - some more far-fetched than others.
    Though some not as hard to imagine as you might think (scarily enough).

    It is a modern day 1984 and the objective to open your eyes to the dangers of advanced technologies and the trouble, embarrassment and restrictions which can be caused within society through new developments.

    Viewing time - 
    00 Day 17 hours 25 Minutes 

    Where to watch - 
    Season 1-4: Netflix

  6. The League

    In contrast to the seriousness and drama of the previous choices. The League is a light-hearted series which does not take itself seriously at all. 

    Set around the theme of grown adults and their obsession with a draft Fantasy Football League, the friend group revolve their lives around the highly-competitive Fantasy competition, leading to various interesting scenarios. 

    It pushes the boundaries with its unique humour and It is the closest thing to an American style Inbetweeners you can get. You need to buy into the idea of its comedy, the individualism of the characters being almost parody's of themselves and enjoy that or you just won't get it.

    Episodes are compact and can be squeezed in between Christmas activities. You'll quickly establish if it is your thing or not.

    Viewing time - 
    01 Day 06 hours 48 Minutes 

    Where to watch - 
    Season 1-7 Netflix