Elite Football Apps Needed For Your Phone

These 10 football apps are needed on your phone to provide the most complete all-round football access for knowledge, insights and entertainment -

football appsfootball app

1. WhoScored? -


"Arsenal are one-nil up",

"Oh nice...Who Scored?"

The amount of times you find this question being asked after learning that a goal has been scored is countless. And this app will tell you who, quickly and accurately, for any live match.

Further to this, it is a hub for all football fixtures, results and live scores, with elite functionality and a fresh user-dashboard experience.

It is the application of the football statistics database, Whoscored.com, and although the app is limited in its access to the statistical data, for real-time scores and alerts It is an essential 'go-to', needed on your phone.

2. Statszone -

stats zone app

Beyond the basic knowledge of the score and goal-scorer, when you have a bit more time spare, you may be interested in seeing more insights of how a match has developed.

The growing influence of statistics on the world of football is huge and Statszone, using Opta data and powered by FourFourTwo, provides fully-accessible statistics, such as passes, key passes, dribbles, and full-player dashboards with live score updates from the top four European divisions and Champions League fixtures in digestible image-format. 

There are many excellent graphical insights provided but another key element is that the team line-ups displayed are always accurately structured opposed to guesswork formations.

The event key will allow you to read the full dashboards of players or teams. 

stats zone key

Alternatively, you can view individual elements of player performances such as attempted tackles, passes, shots or dribbles. 

kante tacklessule passesharry kane shotstraore dribbles

It is a sensational app, simplified and easy to use, which can lead to an amazing understanding of the game when cross-referenced with watching live football.

3. Togga -


This is the application of the full-version game that is PlayTogga and it takes Fantasy football to the elite level, complete with a full, live draft at the start of the season. This is a serious event and should be taken seriously as it will shape your entire campaign.

But it is not as straight-forward as other Fantasy football games. New challenges arise as players become fewer to chose from, as the draft develops and the season unfolds, being first to identify and acquire the inform guys is key. There is more versatility in line-up choice and formations with defensive players far more important than in the traditional game.

Other features include player trades, waiver-wire acquisition and statistical point-scoring. With one-v-one weekly match-ups, it is an intense season and an ultimate Fantasy football experience. Play in your own League with friends/work colleagues etc and mastermind your way to a season victory.

Check out this full overview of the rules for a clearer understanding of the detail. 

*The PlayTogga Blog also offers helpful guidance on squad selections and potentially effective waivers*

4. Want My Bet -

want my bet app

It would be unfair and not do any justice to introduce Want My Bet without allowing them to do so themselves, as they have so fantastically on their about us page

A revolutionary app for the casual football gambler. Interact and enjoy the Want My Bet community. Follow the Want My Bet tipsters who log their bets and accumulators and attempt to succeed with each other.

Browse the leaderboard and work alongside the elite tipsters who are visibly proven. You can also take the chance to protect your own record and put your bets across for others to view, analyse and follow. 

Want My Bet presents the ideal mentality in their approach to betting. Fun, but successful. Their content is light-hearted and genuinely useful and enjoyable. Their own weekly tipping TV show is certainly worth viewing on the Facebook page. 

***Integrated with Ladbrokes, William Hill and Boylesport.*** 

5. Live Football On TV -

live football on tv

Don't underestimate the value of this basic but logically-needed application. With BT and Sky Sports alternating their allocated football time slots for the EPL so frequently these days, this app can let you know whether you need to head to the nearest pub, or get looking for a stream for the upcoming game, instantly.

Along with that, it can be useful to see which European games are being broadcast and what times they are on.

You will soon find it becomes a regularly used app which you take for granted. 

***Freemium version available with only current day fixtures. Full subscription with complete match listing - £2.29 per year***

6. Line-up Builder -

If you are a football hipster with elite tactical knowledge then the line-up builder is well worth keeping on your phone for those important debates. Disclose your chosen xi and structure your formation in an immaculate format to elaborate your point clearly and specifically. 

line up builder

With the customisable options of kits with a wide range of colours and styles along with stadiums to create your perfect, unique combination. It is a fun and creative application which can produce useful graphics for social media sharing, article writing or just to get your own idea down visibly. 

line up builderline up builder kitline up builder stadium

7. On the ball app -

on the ball app

A very raw but exciting football app which calculates betting stats on both teams to score, over 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals and the best available odds with different bookmakers.

It displays a list by % likeliness, also showing the optimum odds value and with a wide variety of divisions and practical functionalities, it is a useful app to browse and act upon. They also have a helpful Twitter account ,guiding good potential value combinations. 

on the ball stats

***Stats now available on the Bettracks application***

8. New Star Soccer -

New star soccer

It doesn't matter how old you are, or whether you play Football Manager, Fifa or PES - New Star Soccer IS the best football game in the world. Do not be fooled by it's basic game-play and graphics. There is a modern dashboard available but it's all about the classic version.

New Star involves a basic game-play function of a sequence of attacking events where you are presented with the opening to pass, shoot and dribble. A simple arrow drag and touch of a large, dropping ball along with wind direction will determine the success of your action, which becomes easier with greater ability.

new star soccer gameplay

Take yourself from the non-league divisions through the leagues to the Champions League and National team captaincy. Whilst it is a long journey, it is an enjoyable and addictive one as you manage relationships with supporters, the Boss and your partner, to improve you lifestyle and statistics, whilst increasing your wage and playing ability.

With a lot of variables and incredible real-season fixture accuracy it is the perfect game for train journeys and before-bed dysfunction from the stress of the real world. 

*New star soccer is one of a series of the New Star Games Collection*

9. InfoGol - 


This is a relatively new application which combines live score access, betting previews and statistical information. 

The app focuses around the new sensation of 'Expected Goals' in the world of football analytics data. Expected goals are an accumulation of probabilities of shot conversion based on locations and game scenario. 

It uses the expected goals (xg) data, for and against, to help predict outcomes of upcoming games using a basis that if a team is consistently producing a positive or negative xg then that will eventually lead to those results. 

It's actual vs expected table is an interesting feature and individual team goals breakdown, but this is an app which will in time, become far more useful. It cannot currently display the xg maps on the app, but does provide extended data on the linked Twitter account. 

Infogol app

For precise previews, it is an interesting app to have with a unique viewpoint for the calculations of the InfoGol analysts verdict.

 10. Football Index - 

The Football stockmarket. - buy real shares in players who you believe will rise in stock.

Essentially, you are betting on the future of a player's performance and media attraction. The platform is divided by the first team - top 200 players, the squad, strong players who are not in the 200 but can upgrade their status via vote. And The Index algorithm also takes into account off-field events with a 'Buzz' section of the most-frequently mentioned players in the media, adding to their stock.  

football index

Apply your wide-ranging knowledge of football to the situations to exploit the system. 

The more people who buy a player, the higher the price will go. This is where you can use your knowledge to anticipate the rise of a player's value over a time period which you choose to stand-by. 

With your own player management portfolio you can analyse your stock and decision making.